Spinach between their teeth!! Fork and Knife 101

Many universities and institutions are including an etiquette dinner experience for their students. As an educator and trained etiquette professional, I applaud any school for including this in their curriculum. Having just facilitated such an event last week, I know that students appreciate this experience as do the seasoned adults that attend. Just as we take multiple math courses or English courses in college, the etiquette experience can be a repeat performance as well. I entertained ( or hope it was entertainment) over 300 students last week and I am warmed by their innocence and receptiveness to learning what is to be a professional. Many students commented they didn’t know most of the information and appreciated the knowledge. We shouldn’t assume that most students have these life skills. ” Manners are learned and not earned” as I frequently quote. The seasoned adults in

Ready, set!! Grip, Grin and Greet!
Ready, set!! Grip, Grin and Greet!

the audience are most appreciative of my comments. One professional reminded me to talk about death in the office place and how do we react to our co-workers who have experienced a death. This may be the one of the first times students have encountered a formal dining room , formal dinner and expected to behave in a professional manner. Life is full of transitions and awkward moments. My hope is that students that attend this event feel safe enough in this learning environment to ask away. If your asked to ” Mind your manners!” , you need to know what they are!!