Wineing Allowed

 Picking the harvest
Picking the harvest

I am a California girl, but I had not experienced the enology ( wine making) piece of the experience. At Summerset winery in Indianola , IA I trimmed, cut, sampled and tasted grapes. I am familiar with viticulture ( grape growing), my Dad produced grapes in California but I had not had the wine making experience. With the harvesting of grapes , you appreciate the farm labor process, the farm worker and of course the beverage after you have completed the work. The grape pickers, (that was us) chatted amoung the vines and we made new friends as we traveled from row to row and under the vines.

The grape stomping was a recreation of watching the I Love Lucy episode. You step inside the vat and you stomp. We oooohhed and laughed until our stomach ached. The smell of fermenting grapes was surrounding and the shade was very welcome when you could escape the vine and grape cutting. We harvested the entire vineyard of Edelweiss grapes and I am hoping his crush and process is productive.

I do think we appreciate the farmer, the commodity that is grown and the process of growing and harvesting when you experience it first hand yourselves.  I won’t wine again!